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    Will Cortana have a "listening mode" for the PC's and Laptop install of Windows 10?
    I have been insider testing win10 (now on my small laptop) and 3 days ago my software jumped to Windows 10 Pro (instead of insider build number).
    Cortana still has to be "clicked" to talk to her, will full listening mode be an option with PC's and Laptops? Please say yes! It would also be nice if you could change the option as to what to say to wake her up.... so my working cohorts won't mess with me and say "Cortana search Ron Jeremy" or some such silly stuff, as I don't want this to be saved to my "searches" (happened to me with my phone and Ok Google now, friend though it would be funny to yell "ok google now, search porn").
    I am looking forward to the new edition and the ease of use it will bring me.
    07-25-2015 11:25 AM

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