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    Using a regular PC, I played around with the Tablet Mode a little and pinned a few applications (such as Mozilla Firefox) to Start. While working in Tablet Mode: if I click on the corresponding tile afterwards, there is only a short flicker, Firefox gets hidden/minimized immediately, and the tile groups are displayed. Some other programs open correctly, then the screen flashes, and the applications get minimized again automatically. And then there are those programs that open correctly, and when you close them, the tiles on the screen stay hidden after program termination and reappear only when you click somewhere with the mouse on the screen. Is there a problem with 32bit applications by any chance?
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    I found the problem at least for a part of the problem! This might actually be something for the Microsoft software developers:

    When a program's source code calls WS_MAXIMIZE on initial CreateWindow, and Win10 is in Tablet Mode, WS_MAXIMIZE gets called twice! That's also the reason why you see a significant flicker when the program first opens maximized, then closes, and then is maximized again.

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