1. WPCentral Question's Avatar
    I cannot activate Windows 10 since it believes there is no internet and doesnt try to . Neither can I access Microsoft Edge, Cortana (Search) and the Store. Windows Updates do not work either
    07-31-2015 08:47 AM
  2. jmshub's Avatar
    Did you do a clean installation or did you upgrade your Windows 7 or 8 installation? If it's saying you have no internet connection, it sounds like it doesn't recognize your network adapter. Do you connect to the internet via wi-fi or with a network cable? Go into Device Manager and verify that your network adapter is detected and working properly. If you are using wi-fi, just make sure that your PC is connecting to your wireless network. You may just need to reenter your wi-fi password to connect it.
    07-31-2015 10:05 AM
  3. jasqid's Avatar
    I had this for the first day in a half. I checked this morning and it was activated. Had the same notice as you... no interent connection and when I would hit the activate button, I would get an Error box with nothing in it. Its just overloaded servers. All 4 PCs I upgraded are now fine.
    07-31-2015 10:14 AM

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