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    I use AOL desktop for email.

    Since changing one of my computers a few years ago I have always had to be very careful when writing emails because as soon as I paste something into the email, the AOL desktop closes and I lose everything - extremely infuriating.

    Sometimes it just crashes, even when I am not attempting to paste.

    I have three solutions.

    The first solution is to not paste into a blank line - so for example put the letter W, or any other character at the beginning of the line you are pasting into, and only then paste, and after the W. Then delete the W. Not a perfect solution because it is so easy to forget, but better than nothing.

    The second solution I have just found is a more complete solution, but your computer needs to have or have installed a second, mechanical not SSD (solid state drive), drive My computer's main hard drive is an SSD drive and the secondary drive, D, is a traditional mechanical drive. I have downloaded the AOL desktop and when asked where to install, I chose the D drive.

    Now the pasting does not cause AOL desktop to close.

    There is also a third option, and that is to use AOL web mail, which does not suffer from this glitch. I much prefer the AOL desktop, though.

    Hope one of these three solution helps with this really infuriating bug that AOL should have fixed years ago.

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    09-29-2017 09:18 PM
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    If you are AOL user belongs to USA then you can contact AOL customer service Number 1-800-542-0248. At AOL customer service your each and every issue related to AOL will get removed.
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    11-07-2017 01:00 AM
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