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    Free space in my phone memory decreases by itself.I tried deleting some photos and other stuff , but they reapear after a restart.
    Most of the apps(mail , camera , phone ,contacts ,store etc) won't open .They will start loading but it will go back to start screen immediately.

    Some third party apps like facebook ,Whatsapp etc works normal until restart.
    I tried soft reset and hard reset , but the phone just restarts ,nothing else changes.Phone restarts by itself at random times.Every time it restarts it goes to a particular date , whatever new stuff i added after that date will not be present.
    Is their anything else i can try? I don't mind losing my data.
    It runs Lumia Denim software.I even tried to use Lumia recovery tool to flash my device.But phone repeatedly restarts and hence the process couldn't be completed.Does this mean that it is time to dump my phone and move on ?
    08-01-2015 01:02 AM

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