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    I have had my Microsoft account under an email I created when I was in middle school (back in the glory days when Zune was alive and kicking). However, I've been wanting to create a new Microsoft/Outlook.com account so that my email and username will be a bit more professional. On the Microsoft Account page I noticed that there is a section for "Managing Account Aliases." Here you can add aliases or even create a new Outlook account. If I create a new account "newaccount@outlook.com" and make it my primary alias. Does this transfer all of my Microsoft Office, Windows Phone, Xbox Live, Zune, etc... history/payments/programs along with the alias transfer? Can I just keep my old email attached while creating a new "professional address" at Outlook that will be the new primary alias? I want to make sure I won't loose all of my history and Microsoft Office license and etc if I make an alias change.
    08-01-2015 01:42 AM

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