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    I have a genuine windows 7 pro installed on VMplayer. My pc is windows 8.1 not pro. i want to install windows 10 pro on my pc now.
    But my pc has UEFI and GPT partition table that doesnt allow windows 7 64 bit to install as a dual boot. Tried all possible ways. I Know it should be possible. But somehow it is not working on ACER Laptops. Finally i concluded that i have to change to legacy bios and change to MBR Partition table which deletes the data on the entire hard disk. copying back is a pain. so im trying to avoid it.

    1. Is it possible to upgrade and activate windows 10 on VMP and then clean install on the same PC?

    2. Is it possible to do it on other pc using dual boot, activate windows 10 and install on my pc? i will use the same email id that i use on my pc to activate win 10 on other pc.

    3. My Windows 7 has the flexibility to reinstall it on a different pc after removing it on the previous one. will this be same even after upgrading to windows 10?

    08-01-2015 12:40 PM

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