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    I refreshed my laptop and installed win10 recently. But i have been noticing very low performance on games as well as losing upto 30-40% in 10-15mins. At first i thought it was the music app thats eating my battery.

    But later on, i opened taskmanager for some random reason and found out that a file named plugincontainer.bak was using my CPU at 95%+. Keeping my cpu at 3.8ghz without letting it go down. Even switching to low power mode didnt do anything. The program kept using 95%ish CPU on low power mode and eating my battery.

    I would like to know what this plugincontainer.bak is actually?

    More info :-

    Location :- Programdata / d64c6aa4-9b30-4b06-8859-0cfa31bd50dc / plugincontainer.bak

    The folder also has another file named plugincontainer.exe using about 2% of the CPU.

    Can anybody explain why, this stupid thing is cpu hog as well as a battery killer? Is it part of Win 10 , or something else? Should i just delete the stupid folder?
    08-01-2015 10:45 PM

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