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    So I updated to the new windows 10 and everything seems fine except that the synaptics touchpad settings keep reverting back to default after I restart the windows. Any solutions ?

    08-06-2015 12:56 PM
  2. Akshay Bharwani's Avatar
    I am having a problem with my synaptics where whenever I close the lid I get a notification saying 'touchpad is turned off' and most of the times when I open the lid the touchpad never turns on. I have to reboot it to turn it on. Or I disable and enable the driver. Any solution for this?
    Thank you.
    08-06-2015 01:05 PM
  3. louzer's Avatar
    I think the issue is both Microsoft and Synaptics. I have an older laptop that was running Windows 7. I updated to Windows 10 and everything seems fine except for scrolling on my Synaptics touchpad. I've scoured forums and found a couple that work. But when I install them, the next reboot reinstalls the original (Windows 10) Synaptics driver. I've read about people disabling Windows update as a way to keep the driver from updating. But this is stupid since it disallows all updates including new functionality and security patches and bug fixes. I read how someone placed the older Synaptics touchpad driver install program in their startup folder! I read in the MS forums how an admin recommended installing older drivers in compatibility mode. If you search for "Synaptics scrolling Windows 10", you'll see that most people updating from older laptops are having this issue since Synaptics was a popular touchpad for OEM Windows laptops. The laptop is an HP Pavillion DV6 and HP's support site says that for Windows 10, all driver support should be obtained via Windows Update. There's some incompatability between these particular pieces of Synaptics hardware and the driver that MS is pushing in their update. I wish they would just figure this one out together and put the issue to bed.
    08-14-2015 12:03 AM
  4. Nour Al-Hajj's Avatar
    I found the problem to be "DeleteUserSettingOnUpgrade". After changing the value to 0, the problem is gone.
    Here's how to fix it"
    1) Run regedit.exe
    3) Change the value of "DeleteUserSettingOnUpgrade" to 0
    4) Save and restart
    Your touchpad settings should now stay after reboot!
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    09-01-2015 05:29 AM
  5. M Viera's Avatar
    Mr. Al-Hajj...You sir, are a genius!! I've been trying to address this dilemma since my upgrade to Windows 10, to no avail...
    Thank you so much...best wishes
    09-13-2015 03:04 AM

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