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    I have just a couple questions regarding Windows 10 on my 1520. I upgraded to the most recent build a couple weeks ago from 8.1. It's been buggy as far as the loading loop start screen, but I've had workarounds for that and it's been usable. But now I'm going to soon do a hard reset to fix that stuff, but my question is about the Windows camera. With the upgrade from 8.1, Windows camera is flat out awful and unusable. Rich capture and capture moment features do not function at all, as well as there appears to be no option for 4k video as there was in Lumia camera 5.0. I currently still have Lumia camera on my device, but I realize I will likely lose it when I do a hard reset, as I'm not able to put it on my SD card. So my question for people with a 1520 using a fresh install of Windows 10, can you confirm that the windows camera has has all of the functionality Lumia camera 5.0? Rich capture? 4k video? Etc.. These are my biggest concerns that are keeping me waiting to do a hard reset. Thanks in advance!
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