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    This Lumia 930 was an AT&T phone. I got it unlocked and now have Give Mobile. The AT&T logo still comes up when it is in this death spiral loop. Is this a software vestige ie.,trying to reconfigure as an AT&T? If I do a hard reset will it revert to being a locked phone?
    08-08-2015 03:16 PM
  2. AV2RY's Avatar
    To answer your last question -it should not. 930 isn't ATTs phone why do you get its logo
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    08-08-2015 03:32 PM
  3. RumoredNow's Avatar
    I'm a bit lost... There never was an AT&T branded Lumia 930.

    At any rate, hard reset of the phone should not re-lock your SIM tray. A SIM unlock should not cause any lockup.

    I'd strongly suggest reflashing the latest available OS and Firmware with the Windows Phone Recovery Tool: FAQ - How can I recover/reset/restore my phone software? - Microsoft - USA

    If you need to add additional information or want to post additional questions, please join the site so you can see the reply button and continue the conversation in the same thread you originally made.
    08-08-2015 03:34 PM

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