1. Windows Central Question's Avatar
    Someone who is not my Facebook friend told me his wife made him get rid of his Smartphone and now only has call/text phone. However when I go into the Facebook messenger app and pull him up on search, it shows his the blue lightening icon. Does this mean he's currently logged in from a Smartphone?
    08-08-2015 08:44 PM
  2. xandros9's Avatar
    I believe that is correct, although I don't know if it means its connected then or not. And necessarily that smartphone.
    08-08-2015 08:49 PM
  3. pinkpeachy's Avatar
    So it could be lit blue because he had it on his old Smartphone? I'm trying to determine if he's lying about no longer having a Smartphone.
    08-08-2015 09:27 PM
  4. xandros9's Avatar
    oh, I'd suspect the phone's or another device like a tablet is still online and connected to Messenger, but I wouldn't use that as the only bit of evidence to tell if he's lying. And if he is, so?
    08-09-2015 10:18 AM
  5. pinkpeachy's Avatar
    I tested it on my phone. I set myself non-active on FB messenger and turned off my phone. Looked at myself from another person's phone and it still had the blue lightening. I read elsewhere that the blue lightening could mean the person has downloaded messenger, which he did on his Android. It matters because he's already lied to me once about something and admitted it. I don't want to be lied to again.
    08-09-2015 11:29 AM

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