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    I installed Windows 10 at the beginning of this week and admit I spent half a day tweaking and 'waiting' before I got my system looking anything like I used to when using Windows 7.
    I now have a lock-screen which is about as much use to me as a chocolate fireguard and I will be hunting for information on how I can disable it.
    The same too with a password which I HAVE to use just to get into my computer whereas, since owning my first PC back in 1988, I've NEVER used a password.
    WTF Microsoft!!!
    My biggest annoyance at the moment is that my Internet connection kicks off at regular intervals and often when I'm either in the process of downloading something or trying to purchase something on line which means I have to wait until it reconnects and hope my transaction hasn't timed out or go back to the beginning and start again.
    I know my WiFi connection for my iPad is dodgy and I have yet to understand the manual which came with a signal enhancer my daughter purchased for me which seems to have been translated directly from Chinese! It used to work immediately on the ground floor where the router and internet connection comes in from the cable and I had no problems one floor up in my hobby room where my Dell desktop PC lives.
    The WiFi connection didn't much like my wireless headphones or anything connected to my TV one floor above my PC but I could live with this and understood the reasoning.
    Now I have trouble picking up the WiFi in my hobby room (it's just kicked off as I've been typing this)
    I've been reading various posts on various forums and feel I'm not alone as others are as frustrated as I am although I've yet to find an answer to these problems.
    I'm a pensioner and have always tried to keep abreast of new innovations but all logic is failing me at present.
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    08-16-2015 06:17 AM
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    THis can help with extending wifi range HTG Reviews the HooToo TripMate: a Travel Battery and Wi-Fi Wonder

    The password for logging in is required because your MS account is tied to the current user account on your PC. I think the idea here was to make it easier for things to stay synced between all devices which are using the same account. You can remove your MS account from the UA by going into settings How to manage Microsoft and user accounts in Windows 10 | Windows Central

    And as for the internet failing.. It could be a driver related issue (updating or rolling back helps some, but not everyone)
    08-16-2015 06:47 AM

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