1. Windows Central Question's Avatar
    it will keep on restarting and it won't let me back on basically
    08-18-2015 04:29 PM
  2. Loc Ngo's Avatar
    Hah! I suppose you may have screwed up Windows. I suggest you reinstall Windows from the beginning. If it's already in that state, there is no hope to recover what you had on your computer, at least that was what happened for me.
    08-20-2015 05:59 AM
  3. eusty's Avatar
    Yup...been there, did you try a reset? That what seems to bork upgraded W10 installs.

    If you had previously updated to W10 then create a USB install. http://forums.windowscentral.com/e?l...token=yIu7rnvt
    08-20-2015 06:48 AM

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