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    I composed the message below to be sent along via the Help-->Give feedback section of the Skype for Desktop app for Windows 8.1. When sending messages like these, I always fear that they end up in a virtual wasteland of unread comments and suggestions. So, I'm re-posting it here to a broader audience. Mainly, I'm curious to find out if other users share my frustration and, more importantly, to see if my frustrations are even founded. If there is a way for me to address and fix the problems I mention below in a reasonable fashion (e.g., I am not re-installing my OS, some forum moderator does not need to know how many windows I have open, etc.), I will gladly listen. In other words, I am not here to idlely complain or bash Windows.

    I am generally disappointed in having to move to Skype for Desktop on my Surface 3 running Windows 8.1. I haven't even used it that long, and it already seems like a significant downgrade. For the first time ever, I am actually jealous of Windows RT users (who are able to continue using the Modern Skype app), among which I used to count myself.

    First, the resolution of the Desktop App itself appears very poor, as if it wasn't even meant for Windows 8.1. Is this done in an effort to encourage people to upgrade to Windows 10 before they're ready?

    Second, the desktop app doesn't handle all the extensions that the "Modern App" did. And the ones it does handle it handles in a much less sophisticated and integrated manner, imho. For instance, when clicking to send an SMS message to a contact in the People app, I now get kicked to the desktop with a Google Chrome login screen. Interestingly, though this may be a problem with Chrome, there is no way for me to remove "SMS handling" from Chrome in Set Default Programs settings after I uninstall the Modern Skype app (which I am asked to do, btw, from the "new" Skype download page). The box is checked, but nothing changes when I click to "uncheck" it. I suppose if I uninstalled Chrome, I would simply be left with a pop-up window telling me to "Get 'Skype' from the Store" in the People app. You mean to tell me that Skype for Desktop is not recognized by my own computer as the Skype app?!

    Please understand that I normally refrain from leaving such verbose feedback and usually shy away from the comments of other Windows users who display their frustrations so openly and unreasonably on forums. (I would much rather provide developers with suggestions for app improvement in feedback forums. I just don't know where to begin here.)

    However, I feel it is called for here. I have been an avid supporter of the new directions Windows and Microsoft have taken the past few years, and I'd tell anyone and everyone to pick up a Surface 3. But when I read or witness iPad and Android users enjoying better user experiences (and more features) with Microsoft's own products (as is the case with the Skype app on various platforms), I feel like the **** of some joke Microsoft's developers laugh at over coffee in the break room.

    I'm hoping someone can tell me that all the shortcomings of the Skype for Desktop app that I'm experiencing are attributable to the fact that I'm still running Windows 8.1--that when I upgrade to Windows 10, everything will work itself out. But I can't be assured of this, and I don't want to upgrade from an OS (Windows 8.1) that still works great on a tablet like the Surface 3 (and is still supported by Microsoft, btw, and with less bugs than the recently-released Windows 10).

    To return more directly to my frustrations with Skype for Desktop and the forced migration of its Windows 8.1 users, I am simply baffled at how hastily it seems the decision to migrate was made and how poorly it was executed.

    Thank you.
    08-19-2015 06:03 PM
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    08-19-2015 07:08 PM

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