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    Purchased with Win 8.1 and upgraded to Win 10. Runs fine but I've decided to switch to a Surface 3. To sell the Stream I need to clear all my personal info: network id/password, settings and so forth.

    With a desktop it is simple, just reinstall from the disk or recovery partition. None of that applies to this tablet.

    Yes I've read the nonsense responses from Microsoft support folks on their forum.

    Any suggestions?

    08-19-2015 11:06 PM
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    Enable BitLocker and then do a complete wipe/install, what BitLocker will do is encrypt the drive making it unreadable/unrecoverable and re-installing the OS will further reduce chances of data recovery.

    Get the Win 10 ISO, create the boot media onto a USB stick, DVD or MicroSD card.
    Boot off the Media into the recovery mode and then command line.
    Using DiskPart wipe the partition:


    Then reboot using the USB stick and install as normal. Before wiping the drive check if it's GPT enabled, if it is you'll need to make sure this is done in DiskPart before rebooting after wiping the partition.

    Note: This is the normal procedure I follow for Dell/HP laptops and Surface Tablets, and a Dell Tablet, I've not tried this on any HP Tablets but it should work from the MicroUSB slot.

    If you need the commands for DiskPart let me know and I'll check the script I have here.
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    08-19-2015 11:25 PM

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