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    On holiday. Using my 1520 as the camera. It has worked faultlessly for last 18 months. Some sort of glitch today has wiped ALL of our recent photos. Cant find them at all. Haven't been able to upload to one drive as no WiFi for the last three days.
    Camera went blank then had to turn off and then on to get it to work. Now no photos. I have connected the phone to my surface and checked the folders but no joy. Anyone any ideas? Hidden folders?
    Was saving all photos onto the installed sd card. Previously no problems, older photos from two weeks back still there
    08-21-2015 10:24 AM
  2. gpobernardo's Avatar
    The next steps that we would suggest are critical:
    1. Turn your phone off, NOW.*
    2. Remove your SD Card and connect it to your PC - you may need an SD Card adaptor. If you're asked to format the card, just attempt to eject/remove the SD Card from your PC and connect it again, or try a different USB port (if your SD Card adaptor is connected through the USB port).
    3. Run a file recovery software (such as Recuva) and attempt to recover all your photos from your SD Card.
    4. Save all the recovered photos in your PC.
    5. Check if your SD Card already needs replacement, i.e. if it still refuses to perform normally.

    *- It is important that you stop using your SD card now. Using the SD Card increases the chance of overwriting those photos that may have been accidentally deleted.
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    08-21-2015 10:39 AM

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