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    I have an email account at KPN, which originally was Planet internet.
    Currently, on my Windows 7 laptop, using Windows Live Mail 2011, I am able to view it as an IMAP account, using the following server properties:
    imap.kpnmail.nl, port 993, SSL required
    smtp.kpnmail.nl, port 25, SSL required, no verification required

    Trying this in Windows 10 Mail, it responds that this is outdated information (in Dutch: "De instellingen voor uw account Planet zijn verouderd.")

    The result is, that I am not able to read nor send emails

    Instead, the Microsoft Windows 10 Mail program uses per default:

    which in my opinion is outdated!!!!!!

    With those settings I am only able to receive mails (fortunately they are not thrown away at the server's), but also not able to send mails.

    How can I to overrule this?

    (Maybe it helps if I knew what the :0 at the end means.)
    08-23-2015 04:17 PM
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    Try and override the default settings...

    Right click on your account at the left pane, choose 'account settings', then 'change mailbox sync settings'.

    You will then see an 'advanced mailbox settings'. Click on that.

    Then at 'incoming email server' try imap.kpnmail.nl:993

    'Outgoing (SMTP) email server' try mail.planet.nl:25 (or just mail.planet.nl)

    Lastly check or uncheck the 'outgoing server requires authentication', 'require SSL for ...' check boxes according to your description above.

    Good luck.

    (that said, my own problem with Win10 mail and IMAP is that no matter how I configure the account settings, outgoing emails do NOT have the sender account name (i.e. my email account) shown correctly. What this means is that while others can read the e-mails I send to them, they cannot reply to them unless they manually change the 'reply to' e-mail field)
    09-22-2015 10:05 PM

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