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    I don't know when exactly this started, but... I have the Habit of recording a few Videos with my Lumia 920 and copying them to my PC afterwards, to free up Space on my Lumia again. I usually watch a great Share of these Videos on PC then, too - just to see which to delete and which to keep, and what to name them.

    Somehow, however, all these Videos in my Archive - on both internal SSD and external HDD - began stuttering and not playing quite right, the Way they definitely used to originally. The new Videos I copy from my Lumia still work perfectly, as the Lumia has had a few Updates since, just like my PC had, so this is the Situation. The old MP4 Videos won't play correctly - ANYMORE - while the new ones work perfectly fine.

    And Ideas on where to check? I didn't install or change any Codecs in between, at least not to my Knowledge. Win Update, something...? The K-Lite Codec Pack hasn't been re-installed ever since I ran into Problems with it, long before I even had my Lumia, mind ya.

    So it seems as if VLC suddenly decided nnope, not gonna play these any more. User, have you even checked the Expiration Date of these Videos? Jeez are these old, throw'em away already.

    But hey, I don't wanna. So, what gives...?
    Thanks for any help-ish Input.
    08-31-2015 10:09 AM

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