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    I have already create an account for my child but still she can't download anything on her nokia lumia 530. she still receive the message to create account.
    09-07-2015 12:51 AM
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    To set up My Family so a child can download apps and games

    1. On your computer, go to My Family on the Windows Phone website.
    2. Sign in using the parent's Microsoft account. If the parent doesn't have a Windows Phone, that's fine—you can still set up My Family. If the parent doesn't have a Microsoft account, you'll have a chance to create one.
    3. On the My Family setup page, click Get started. (If you've added a child to My Family before or have set up a family using another Microsoft service, you may not see Get started and can just click Add a kid.)
    4. To add a child to My Family, click Go. On the sign-in page, enter the Microsoft account the child uses to sign in to their phone. Now the child can download apps from the Windows Phone Store.

      • Creating an online account for a child under 13 with the country/region set to US requires adult verification using a US-based credit card. For more information, see My Family FAQ.
      • If your child has a Windows Phone 8, you'll also need to accept the Windows Phone Store Terms of Use on the child's behalf for them to download apps and games from the Store. On the My Family page, next to the child's name, click Accept Terms of Use.

    09-07-2015 01:06 AM

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