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    Hey guys!
    I have two problems, one already existed on WinPhone 8.1.
    After an update my mic is broken. It works when i call people, but when i try to record sound or a video, there is simply no sound.
    The other problem that i have appeared on Win 10 Preview, on the latest build. I can't take a picture in WhatsApp like i used to on WinPhone 8.1. When i tap on the "send picture" option the camera app shows for a second then it sends me right back to the conversation. I have to take a picture with the camera app and send it trough WhatsApp via "select picture" option or go to the Gallery app and send it from there. It's really annoying...
    Also in Messenger i can't open my gallery to browse trough pictures. I can only use the grid view from some reason... I have a Lumia 925 by the way.
    Does anybody have the same issues?
    09-08-2015 06:58 AM

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