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    Ok July 29 th said my update was ready. Updated to windows 10 from 8.1, no problems. Havent really had any , i just thought this was strange. So I used the upgrade for a month or so and realized I really needed to do it. I love clean installs but I have this game and it updates for 2 days and I wasnt sure I could go without it for that long :p. So I read up on it a little, threw it on a flash drive and booted from it. Super easy to clean install, maybe I missed something cause I dont remember doing hardly anything but after I logged on I noticed my same wallpaper I just had up was still up so I started looking around to see what got left behind. All I could find was a couple folders in the C: drive and my user name was still there along with a new one which was the same but has _357 added to it and my gmail and MS account got spilt to 2 different accounts. Does anyone know what happened, know how to go back to my original user name and get rid of 357 and get my emails to be on the same log on account? Thanks appreciate it. Just wondering really if I should do a "real" clean install? and where I went wrong to prevent it again. THx Tilt
    09-08-2015 09:37 AM
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    your description is a little fuzzy, so I'm not sure how to respond to your question about your first logon experience after you think you clean installed. Your wallpaper is often shared between desktops nowadays, so that is a good thing as that service is cloud based, so that means you have network connectivity. Your user name should be what you logged in with, that is also cloud based. Again, this is a feature and the experience your describing is by design (unless I misread, if so, my apologies). If what you're saying is you now have two user accounts, then perhaps you didn't clean the drive before your clean install, which I always recommend.
    If you have the opportunity do perform a real clean install, always do that. Always. The only issues I can think of with running a clean install is with drivers and apps. Drivers can be mitigated by going to the manufacturer's website and installing the missing drivers. And with apps, just make a list of what you're missing and install after your clean install.
    09-08-2015 01:22 PM
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    Sorry for the long response time, i just organized my bookmarks after doing another clean install and found the link buried in a folder it shouldnt of been in. Plus I had no idea what site I had listed it on, I thought Reddit but nope. So ya I did another clean install the exact same way and I forget about that cloud ****, Ive been on pcs since I was a kid playing Doom2 on a 386 with only DOS. So ya the same desktop wallpaper was there but that weird *** user name was gone and my original was there and there was only one account like when I did the upgrade. The specks left over in the C: drive were gone. A real clean install or somewhat. That cloud is not tangible enough for me and just seems like another way for people to get at my data, without me knowing. Maybe not, I havent learned to much about it, I've been to busy learning to build my stamina dragonknight in ESO, lol. The only thing I backup, well I do an image backup for safety but dont use it cause I dont like putting anything from the old installation onto the new one or I feel its been contaminated, i am a little OCD. As I was saying the only thing I backup and use is my ESO patch so I dont have to download 80 gigs of patch data plus all my addons, about 500 settings from the game and addon's. It takes days to get the game back to how u had it without a backup if u tweak it out like I do and it didnt like my way of doing it. I couldn't find anything of the internet except other people asking about how to backup only the patch data so u don't use 80 gigs of data out of your data caps. Truly i couldn't go without playing the game for that long while I tweaked it all out like I did after the 1st "clean" install which took about 2 days. So I copied the game folder and game folder from documents which had all my user ini files and addon's. I installed the game and pasted the old files over the new ones in each folder cuz I had no idea what the patches modified but ended up finding out cuz it didn't like that and said it couldn't download the patch manifest so I manually downloaded it and threw it in the right folder and went through comparing file creation and modification dates. I ended up pulling out some random folder I came to the conclusion the game didn't need. its patched about 60mbs and then worked. I don't have anything that big I need to backup that I need cloud storage. I have a couple external HD's that I feel more comfortable using cuz I guess I can see it and its more tangible to me. So I dont know what happened the 1st time but your probably right, I didnt manually wipe the drives, I deleted the partitions during the windows install and made new ones but didnt run some drive wipe program off a disk or drive. I didnt the 2nd time either. I guess the windows 10 partitioner is weak. Really its just my OCD and not cause I have anything I need to make sure gets deleted. Its like when you feel like your car runs better cuz u just washed it and cleaned out the interior, almost, any leftover **** could be a virus or malware even though I have never had a virus, a true one that caused destruction. Just a security program telling me it blocked one or found some minor one and got rid of it. (Long time user of MalwareBytes, and either Kasp/Avira/Avast)
    10-11-2015 07:30 AM

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