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    When I send a text message. It keeps sending the same text several times. Is their a repeat button on the pone
    09-11-2015 12:18 AM
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    Welcome to Windows Central.

    No, there is no thing as a "repeat button" in the phone. This problem is a combination of the cellular quality your phone is experiencing and/or the cellular signal quality of your service provider in general or the recipient of the message.

    Your phone sends the SMS to your service provider - if it fails to do so, then you will be notified by a "Message Sending Failed" prompt or something similar. Hence, if you don't receive such a prompt, the message was most probably successfully sent to the service provider. Afterwards, your service provider "looks" for the destination of the message (mobile number and through a control channel) and then sends it to that number. That receiving phone then sends some form of acknowledgement data back to the service provider (through the control channel of that phone), and the message is "offloaded" from their "outbox". If the service provider doesn't receive a receipt acknowledgment, it may* attempt to keep sending the message until such acknowledgment is received or up to a certain number of times.

    In effect, this is common in places where signals are usually a problem, or when the network is busy (or suspended), such as New Year's Eve or Christmas (when everyone is greeting everyone else at the same time) - at least back in the early 2000s.

    Bottom line: you may want to check with your mobile service provider why you're experiencing that particular problem.

    *- Proof: Multiple/repeated SMS do not arrive at mobile phones that were turned off or were in airplane mode when the message was sent.
    09-11-2015 02:30 AM

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