1. Windows Central Question's Avatar
    It's been charging perfectly well on my old charger, but when I moved away to university I brought the spare charger with me. This one still connects to the phone, but the Lumia shows no signs of recognizing the charger and doesn't charge at all. I've tried repositioning it and plugging it in repeatedly but it still won't charge.
    09-12-2015 01:59 PM
  2. Zachary Boddy's Avatar
    Is it a charger that came with the phone? Even if it's microUSB it may still not work either because it's not powerful enough for your device to recognize it, it's been stripped from other usage, or any number of other issues. I'd try using other microUSB chargers, since there's really no shortage of them lying around the place.
    09-12-2015 02:15 PM

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