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    How is a hard reset done on a V8P? I have two, and both devices stopped charging on the same day. Yes-- the charges ARE working.
    09-13-2015 08:15 AM
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    Are you sure you have enough battery to go through a reset???

    If the battery dies during a reset it could seriously bork your tablet.

    Try plugging in anyway, just to see if the charging comes back during the process. It could save your bacon.


    Can you get into Windows and reset via Settings?

    Do you have a USB stick with the recovery image on it?

    Here is one method:
    [NOTE]Hold Power-Button 10 seconds to shut off Dell Venue 8 ProPush and hold Power-Button and then push and hold Windows-Button
    -- Dell Logo appear.
    Release Power-Button
    Release Windows-Button
    -- Options appear on the bottom of the screen: F2/Volume-Down = Setup. F12/Volume-Up = Boot option. .
    Push Volume-Down-Button = Setup
    -- It trys auto repair, but it cant find a fix
    Tap on:Advance options

    -- Youll get the options to reboot,use a device, trouble shoot,or turn off pc,
    Taped on: trouble shoot

    Selected to option "Refresh your pc"[/NOTE]

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    09-13-2015 01:34 PM

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