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    I've had multiple problems syncing my Outlook Contacts with my old phone, a HTC Touch Pro 2. I know. OLD technology but, I kept the phone because of my $30/mo plan with Sprint. But, frustrations got the best of me and I went ahead and ordered a Windows Lumia 735 from Verizon, today.
    Will I be able to sync Outlook on my Desktop with this phone?
    09-15-2015 07:06 PM
  2. T Moore's Avatar
    Not enough information.
    Version of Outlook
    Do you have a Hotmail, live or outlook.com account to use on your phone? This is a must have.
    Is this the account you have on desktop outlook?
    If not you will have to export your desktop outlook contacts and import into your Microsoft account.
    Then add the phone account to desktop outlook to keep calendar, email and contacts on desktop outlook.

    The sync will not be directly to Outlook. It goes from the phone to your Microsoft account online and to the desktop.
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    09-16-2015 05:40 PM
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    It depends if you want to sync with the cloud or directly between phone and PC. If the cloud, use Outlook.com. If PC, you'll need third party software. The best one depends on your needs. Do you want to sync with other devices? Do you want to sync automatically or manually? (USB would be manual.) Do you want to sync with your Windows Phone's own calendar and contacts apps? Personally, I use AkrutoSync as it allows me to sync with my many devices without going through the cloud or adding apps to my phone.
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    09-17-2015 09:41 AM
  4. RumoredNow's Avatar
    I think the cloud Outlook is more powerful and universal now. Give it a try. I'm in cloud Outlook all day every day. Browser, desktop/tablet/phone apps. It's all there, all the time, all consistent.

    I'm an old dog, but the cloud is teaching even me some new tricks.
    09-17-2015 11:58 AM
  5. Wevenhuis's Avatar
    The easist way is to add your contact via the people hub app to your outlook/hotmail account, not your simcard. Then transfereing all your outlook contacts via your outlook/hotmail account to your new windows phone device or windows 10 mobile device is easy peasy.
    09-17-2015 01:25 PM

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