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    I'm not sure what has triggered these issues as i haven't installed any new apps but do have automatic updates on and can't remember the precise date that i started having issues but here are a list of thing that are now causing me issues:

    1. Videos do not play.
    Either from websites (have full wifi and/or 4G, no network issues), received from whatsapp, taken by the camera saved on phone etc. They just sit on the Loading... screen indefinitely. Files saved on the phone give the 'Sorry, we can't play this file on your phone. close' message. They worked fine a week or so ago!

    2. Pictures do not save.
    Either taking a photo (using camera or Lumia camera), saving a image from webpage, taking a screen shot, or receiving from whatsapp. Photos do not save to the phone (although whatsapp photos are available through whatsapp). When i select the photos app it regularly crashes instantly.

    3. Music
    Often refuses to play through any app, music, spotify etc. Needs a soft reboot to get it to play. And then it doesnt play for long.

    4. Tiles are not refreshing.
    The stocks tile does not refresh, not a big issue but could be linked.

    Info that might help:
    The last photo that saved successfully was 5th September (this might be when it all went wrong). The only app update then was Twitter v3.2.3.0
    I have used OneDrive recently to upload some files.
    I have used headphones with a button that pauses.
    I've tried numerous soft reboots and restarts.
    09-16-2015 05:19 AM
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    1. Videos not playing. Could be an internal software issue. Another thing is how much free storage is their on the phone. For streaming, my understanding is that it still needs to temporarily store a file, then delete once played.

    2. Photos. Does your phone have an SD card as your post doesn't say it does or doesn't. Again may be a storage issue or accessing data it may be corrupt. Do you have One Drive set up? May be worth syncing to see if you can view your photos on another device like a PC etc.

    3. Music. Not sure on this, again if it's music stored on the device, is there a file system issue which may be corrupt. As with above, try One Drive and back up and see if you can access music elsewhere. Similar to videos when using Spotify, it still stores a small file as part of buffering to the device and deletes as it goes on.

    4. Tiles not refreshing. What version of the OS are you using. It's not uncommon for certain apps not to update their live tiles. Particularly when you say you have rebooted.

    Sorry I haven't got anything concrete for you, but maybe see if you can access photos, music etc on another device to establish file corruption and also if there is any free space on your device.
    09-16-2015 07:42 AM

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