1. WPCentral Question's Avatar
    Tested the sound quality at airport shops which is amazing. Unfortunately all shops only display the i-version for testing. You can listen to the sound but none of the in-line remote control features work with the Lumia 640.
    In theory the Android version should support more functions than the Iphone version, but before paying 300euro I would very much like to know exactly which features are supported on Lumia 640 (mic, call handling, volume controls, play/ pause, track forward/ backward, etc.).
    Does anyone have real life experience of what functions exactly are supported?

    Already checked the following:
    Bose support cannot/ will not help me (please check at a local retailer...), Internet searches don't come up with any useable information and I have not found anything on the forums.
    Also cannot find the specification of what audio jack is used on the Lumia (AHJ or OMTP) nor on the Bose QC25, which might have given some clue.
    09-28-2015 03:41 PM
  2. aliencatos's Avatar
    that a good one, I just got the iphone version, I use it with a lumia 950XL. the middle button pause but volume -/+ does not work... for what I know, the only difference is the cable, the headphone are the same I believe...
    03-20-2016 09:51 PM
  3. aliencatos's Avatar
    I pass in a Bose store today and try the android versoin and averything is working on my Lumia 950 XL, pause, volume +/-....
    04-08-2016 03:30 PM

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