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    My LenovoV570 in near perfect condition was running Windows 7 flawlessly for couple years. Upgraded to Win 10. Upgrade went smooth- no issues. But started experiencing frequent, sudden crashes. Message would say windows has experienced error and will restart. It used to. But today 10/2/2015 it crashed but never came back on. I just had a few sessions of Firefox browsers running on it, nothing out of the ordinary.
    I removed the battery and only left power cable connected and it luckily booted up. But as soon it died again and now it wont come on AT ALL, no matter what I do, on power cable without battery or just on battery. My whole life is on the computer. Please help me get recover it. there is lot of important stuff on there. Microsoft you guys done messed up big time with Windows 10. I hate it. Not upgrading any of the other family members computer to windows 10.
    10-02-2015 07:57 PM

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