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    hey everyone. i recently bought my first ssd. so naturally i wanted to format my drives and install my operating system on the ssd. basically since it's a new drive for the computer i installed windows 10 without deleting my windows 7 first so i have 2 operating system that i have to choose from when i start up my computer-in different drives. i wanted to format the other discs now in the easy way in the control panel but it doesn't let me format the old drive saying: "windows cannot format the system partition on the disk".
    well to simulate what it would be like if i formatted that dist i just unpluged it and tried to start windows. so i disconnected the hard drive (not formatted) and turned on my computer. the computer couldn't load the operating system without that drive so i tried puting it back and the computer still couldn't boot. so i put the windows 10 usb and reformatted the whole system, but this time before installing the system i formated BOTH the ssd and the hard drive so they were both empty. in the middle of the installation the computer needed to reset and when it did it crashed again [​IMG] . so i disconnected the driver and kept only the ssd in there and continued with the installation of windows 10. everything is fine now but i'm afraid to plug it back i don't want to have to format and reinstall my windows 10 again.... what should i do?
    10-07-2015 06:05 AM

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