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    This is likely the final straw for me and I'll finally have to abandon ship to Android or heaven forbid apple but what looks like lack of Verizon support will push me over.

    I think we have all given up things or had to change in order to make the OS work for us and that's completely fricken backwards...the OS/manufacturer should do what it can to work for us not the other way around.

    Tell me how this makes sense:

    If I want the 950 I have to switch family contract to AT&T
    If I want a bank that has an app on Windows I have to change banks
    If I want I want a good stock trading app I have to switch from TD Ameritrade

    I've said it before and many others have too...the app gap is getting to the point that just doesn't make sense for so many people on a day to day basis and its not the crappy quality top apps that we actually do have its all the tier 2 and tier 3 apps that are being created by every company you deal with on a regular basis in your life.

    I'm hopeful that the app issue will change with universal apps for W10 but realistically we'd still be looking at another 18mo+ before there is any real improvement in apps if there ever is going to be one.

    I guess I'm done waiting and hoping and being inconvenienced.

    For Microsoft to wait all this fricken time for a new device and then announce something that wont cast the widest net possible within one of the most important markets is plain bad business. That's like a big movie studio company only showing movies in less than half the theaters in the country and still trying to hit the highest grossing mark. Yes US isn't the only market but you know its an important one and when movies are shown overseas theres voiceover...theres change just like there should be with phones as you have to cast the widest net.
    10-07-2015 01:01 PM

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