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    Guys something bad happened to my phone Lumia 1020. I had WP 8.1 Denim and last time was phone slower and less stable. Today i did reboot (because people hub wasn't working) and after reboot when booting is under windows logo NOT FOR RESALE. My phone is from official distribution, i tried WP 10 like 5 months ago and went back to 8.1 and running it 5 months.

    Now phone boot up to the main screen but i can't run any of apps, there is airplane mode, i can't connect to anything i can just go to settings.

    I've tried:
    SOFT RESET - not helping
    HARD RESET from phone settings menu - can't do hard reset, says try again after reboot
    HARD RESET by pressing volume down, power, camera - just like soft reset
    HARD RESET by turning on, then volume down until ! shows then tap volume up, down, power, down - NOTHING ...

    I've tried Windows Device Recovery Tool it says Lumia 1020 - then i click instal software - yes, continue, then it looks like it wants to install something and ERROR please restart your phone.

    Any tips anyone? Thanks
    10-08-2015 06:57 AM
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    Hello and welcome to Windows Central.

    This may be a variant of the "BOOT ERROR" which some Lumia 1020 users (including myself) have reported in the past. Nevertheless, if both a hard reset and attempts at recovering the device through the Windows Phone Recovery Tool won't work, then the only solution to make that phone work again is to have a service center diagnose and repair it.... but given the age of the device (especially if it hasn't been repaired or replaced before), it might as well be time to retire it and move on to the next generation of Lumias currently available.

    You may create a Windows Central account to respond in this thread.
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    10-08-2015 02:30 PM
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    Device is from 2014 april, so that should be okay i think. But i am very unhappy from this :(
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    10-08-2015 03:04 PM
  4. gpobernardo's Avatar
    My L1020 is just around a month older than yours, but mine failed at the 11th month (still covered by warranty) so I was able to have it repaired. Having new internal parts could as well be an extension of the service life of a device. It's just unfortunate that some of our fellow users have their devices fail after the 12-month warranty period.

    Anyway, some stores offer 24-month warranty periods, so you may want to check with your store regarding their policies. If it's 24 months, then you're in luck. ...but expect your L1020 to be gone for around 90 days (that's the time they took to repair my L1020 months ago).
    10-08-2015 03:18 PM
  5. k00s's Avatar
    problem is i bought that phone on a company that means that store gave me 12 months, but from a Nokia there are 24 months, tomorrow i will call them :)) thanks for help (now i have from my friends 925 and 930 borrowed, so i'm fine, but now i am a bit worried about my next phone even if i love windows phone)
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    10-08-2015 05:26 PM
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    Microsoft has just announced two classes of phones a few days ago; they seem to be more reliable than the ones that came before them. You may consider looking at them for future prospects: Lumia 950, Lumia 950 XL, Lumia 550.
    10-09-2015 12:51 PM

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