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    So the past few weeks or so, I've been having issues with my screen glitching out. It's not the tap scroll bug exactly, more like an advanced version of that bug, where the screen will randomly go berserk and scroll, tap, activate the capacitive buttons randomly, especially Cortana, and generally act as if a thousand tiny hands are all over it. Locking and unlocking the screen sometimes helps, but not always. It also becomes completely unresponsive at times. Initially I thought it was a bug of the mobile preview, since it only started when I was on it, however I rolled back to 8.1 today and it's still doing it. It's very annoying to deal with, and it makes gaming of any kind impossible. I've tried hard resets, both before and after the rollback, I've tried starting from a backup, not starting from a backup, and still the issue persists. I'm starting to wonder if my digitizer is failing/faulty. I've contacted a local repair shop, but I have to wait for a tech to come in for any quote info, and even then they may need to see the device before they'll issue me a quote anyway. Has anyone else had this issue. Does this really require repair, or is there a quick fix? I've tried the pressing on the top and bottom of the screen trick for the tap scroll bug fix, and that didn't seem to help. Also I can't determine if one part of the screen is more sensitive than the other.

    EDIT: On a whim, I tried removing my screen protector, and putting my 1520 back into its case, and so far it /SEEMS/ to have solved the issue. I've tested it by playing Dragon Mania Legends, and had no issues whatsoever, whereas before it was going crazy literally every 5 seconds.

    EDIT 2: Actually totally forgot I made this post, (thanks ADD) but that didn't work. By the next morning it was back to the same thing, and has steadily getting worse. I can't leave it even just on the table for 5-10 minutes without it glitching.
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