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    Any starting call and the screen goes to black.
    Nokia site support is ridiculous and useless
    Believe me or not, despite selling hundreds thousands phones in Australia, Nokia only has repair center in one city (Sydney)
    I have three Nokias (930. 925, 920) all with same black screen problem and the Nokia support (www.nokia.com) is 100% useless
    I hope this Windows site may have some answers.
    Otherwise, after years using Nokias, I will migrate to Samsung. Samsung support is very good for TVs and fridges, I hope they are good as well for phones
    10-15-2015 03:06 AM
  2. nektarios parasxarakis's Avatar
    if you are using a screen protector be sure that isnt covering the ambient sensor (im not sure witch sensor) also when u call or accepting a call if the sensor is covered its natural that the screen gets black so it can be protected from random touch from your ear ... sr for my bad english .. this is happening almost to every smartphone and its not a problem ...it happend to me to with a low quality screen protector
    10-15-2015 08:47 AM

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