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    I have an iMac dual booting Mac OSX and Windows 10 under Bootcamp. I have the normal iMac wireless keyboard.

    Windows has been running normally for several years since the day I got the computer. Windows 10 has been running normally since the day I was able to automatically download it in August.

    Today, my keyboard stopped working under Windows 10. I am writing this from the Mac side. The keyboard works perfectly and the battery power is 100% under Mac OSX.

    When I boot to my Windows partition (which is the default) I have to use the keyboard to sign-in under Windows. The keyboard works fine for sign-in! Then, as soon as I get to my desktop, the keyboard stops working entirely. No key produces a letter. The cursor doesn't move. I hear a click in my headset when a key is pressed, but nothing happens.

    The mouse works. If I reach the hardware and devices portion of the control panel, as far as I can tell things the keyboard device says it is working properly. I remember a wireless keyboard listed and a bluetooth keyboard and something called an HID device. Windows reports that they are working properly. I managed to open the troubleshooter using the mouse only and it couldn't find a problem.

    I have turned the computer off and on several times.

    Would someone be so kind as to suggest how I can find and fix the problem.

    Thank you.
    10-24-2015 11:28 PM
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    OK I had a problem like this. All my bluetooth devices (headphones, keyboard, 3 phones) would pair with windows 10 but only connect for a second if they connected at all. I spent 10 freaking hours trying to fix it and I was determined. I scoured the web and tried everything including uninstalling drivers, using compatibility mode, and about 50 other things I can't even remember (by the time I was done it was like 4 AM). Nothing worked. I finally found a post about a guy who couldn't get his windows 10 device to connect with his car. It was off topic but I was desperate. Sorry I don't have the link. Here's the deal. Uninstall all the bluetooth enumerators and devices (I didn't uninstall the radio and it didn't seem to make a difference). Turn off your internet connection. This is the important part that nobody can figure out. Uninstall you HIDs in device manager. Restart computer. Turn on internet. Re-pair devices. Worked for me - I really hope it helps so you aren't stuck like I was. It is really frustating that they released an unfinished operating system that the OEMs didn't even have a chance to make proper drivers for. Then they blame it on your computer saying it is just no compatible. I took their compatibility test. I passed and installed windows 10 and am still having tons of issues. Then they actually tried to say the compatibility test they released was faulty. They really need to get it together. Grrr.
    11-19-2015 02:56 PM

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