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    Hi. I am new to smartphones. My main phone is a simple LG 450 flip phone which works great. I decided to get a smartphone recently just to have one for trips so this way I have internet and maps. I bought a T mobile Lumia 530. Generally though I'm not a big smartphone fan since I don't use social media at all and I don't like the larger size and weight of a smartphone versus flip phone.

    So anyway I have the 530 and I like a lot of things about it including its small size, the way it feels in my hand, its speedy and smooth Win 8.1 OS, its very good call quality (everyone I let try it is shocked how good it is), and even the speaker and headphone sound quality is not bad. The camera is not that bad if there is a lot of light, like under the sun, but not terrific otherwise. I haven't really tried out the video recorder in proper light but indoors it was not that good. The phone did not come with the HERE drive app and I cannot download it anywhere (was told it was pulled) so that is disappointing. I really like the people app and how I can add contact info online at www.people.live.com and it automatically synchs with my phone.

    The screen of the 530 seems ok if I'm looking at it head on but its hard to view outside and I think it bothers my eyes a little bit sometimes. I'm not sure if that is because I'm not used to looking at a smartphone screen and trying to read small text etc or if it is something unique to the screen or if it is because I keep it on high brightness all the time or if it has nothing to do with the phone at all. According to reviews most don't like the screen because it is not an IPS clear black etc. And some really hate the screen. I don't have any exp with this so to me it's not terrible but like I said sometimes my eyes area little achy after looking at it for a while.

    Anyway, I'm thinking about getting something a little better overall but not sure if that something is available. I've looked at the 635 and it has great reviews mostly and it seems to have a better screen but I've heard complaints about the sound quality of it and some say it has minor glitches sometimes. I've also read that the camera is not much better with one reviewer saying the 530 is better in low light. It's also a bigger phone which I would like to avoid.

    I've also considered the 521 which is older but generally very well regarded. The size is right and it has the ips screen and auto brightness, auto focus on camera and button but is slower according to youtube tests. What has me concerned is I've read that when you update to windows 8.1 the phone gets slower, laggy and has issues. Personally, I won't be using any apps other than whats on the phone and I would add a 16 gb memory card to help it out. Any thoughts on this?

    Then there is the 640 which seems to be a leap above the 530/635 and looks like a really good budget phone but also looks like a giant mammoth phone. For me, it completely fails the size I'm looking for.

    There is also I think a 435 but i don't think the screen is much better and it has a 2mp front camera, only slightly better than my LG 450 flip phone.

    BTW, I tried out a zte obsidian android lollipop phone which is maybe a little smaller than the 640 and I found it too big. Also, the 530 was faster and i think better functioning compared to it. I also did not like that right away it was recommended to install an antivirus and the browsing of websites was full of ads. Seems a more complicated OS in ways. Also, don't use the google ecosystem and other than the search engine I do not like their offerings.

    Ideally I would like something Windows phone in the size or only slightly bigger than the 530 that has a good screen, ok camera, call quality and sound.

    Does that exist or does anyone have any other thoughts about the 530, 521 etc?

    10-28-2015 05:36 AM

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