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    I don't use it nor I need it, I've the old w7 photo viewer which works perfectly until they make this thing usable, but still, I see in app task manager's app history this app has 10-20 min cpu time every time I boot up and it keeps increasing, I've this app's functions disabled like auto enhancing and my next problem is I keep deleting the "sources" folders and it keeps adding them back, onedrive and local photos folder, it just wont stop indexing my disks/ssd, and Cortana is even worst having HOURS of cpu time as soon as I leave my pc idling it tops the cpu at 100% and I can even hear my music cutting out due to the massive load it puts on all cores(2600k) I'm just tired of this behavior, and that's on my desktop, on my laptop it just makes me want to pull out my hair coming back to it and having 40% less battery and a hot fan blowing, I cant even imagine the experience for someone with a cheap notebook with no ssd, anyone know how to control this thing?
    10-30-2015 12:35 PM

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