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    I have now gone through 3 sets of headphones with the same pattern. Sound goes in one ear then the other follows. I have tried them using other devices and they have definitely stopped working.
    My third pair of earphones were bought brand new last night and the first ear went within 10 minutes of listening. Also, the phone switched off my music by itself a few times today too.
    Has anyone else had a similar problem and how did they fix it?

    I have used skull candys and gummi. The first pair worked for a few days before breaking, the second and third broke within half an hour of using them even though they were both brand new. I know cheaper headphone don't last too long but surely the same thing wouldn't be happening in the same pattern!
    11-05-2015 05:28 AM
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    This is strange. I don't know if it matters or not, but what volume are you setting your music at? I haven't had any issues with using headphones for my 640.

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    11-05-2015 08:48 AM

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