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    Anyone else noticing this? I have the i7/256/gpu version and my battery life has been horrendous. Only once I have achieved anything close to over 8 hours. Today I actually noticed that about 1 hour after being at 100% charge my battery life showed 5:23 remaining. Put down the computer for a bit and came back and then the battery life showed what I'd expect to see, over 11 hrs remaining?! What is causing this behavior? Is it the gpu switching? I want so much to keep this device but the battery life is not even close to advertised. I'm averaging less than 5 hours after receiving mine on day 1. In addition, I have NOT been doing anything other than browsing, video and office... purposefully. Today I disabled Windows Hello waiting to see if that makes any improvements but I don't' believe it is causing the issues.
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    11-08-2015 07:38 PM

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