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    A couple of days ago my PC decided to mess up my ssd in some weird way. my windows partition got set as NTFS unformatted so I proceeded to recover everything I can. I managed to rebuild my mft and my ssd is accessible again but the program I used reported a couple corrupted files, there were a couple in program files but its a program I installed that has been affected so I ignored that, there were a couple in my users/(myusername)/appdata both local and roaming but they were both .tmp files. A tmp file in my windows directory was apparently affected as well.

    But after ignoring all the errors I confirm the changes and I plug in my ssd. It shown the boot logo like it should have and then threw me at a black screen, it has a cursor and I can access a couple of stuff through shortcuts like accessibility options and projector options, but task manager doesn't load or anything else.
    System specs;
    And fx-6300
    Asrock 990 extreme 3
    80gb Intel ssdsa1mh080g1gn
    Gtx 770 Asus
    PSU : cx750m corsair.

    Bios settings are default.
    Motherboard doesn't have onboard graphics.
    Reset option fails
    Refresh not even showing
    Safemode throws me to the same black screen
    I have a repair CD
    SFC through CD doesn't show any progress although I have it running right now
    11-19-2015 11:07 AM

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