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    I recently acquired an SSD - its a cheap one, and now that its formatted and ready to use, I would like to reinstall my windows 7 on it. There is context, of course.
    1) I don't have a DVD read drive and may possibly have the win7 upgrade disc somewhere in storage, I've moved about 4 times since I last used it
    2) I'm not sure of my key, though last I was aware, there are ways to get your serial back out of the windows OS?
    3) I'm not partial to the content on this install, but I am to win 7, getting win10 is not an option for me I am wholly uninterested in versions 8-10 as anything but a last option, and only if comparatively very much easier

    How to best go about this? Regards - G
    11-19-2015 04:42 PM

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