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    1. I'm now ran Windows 10 Mobile (10586) on my device, i already install build 10581 a couple weeks ago *in case i jumped from 10536 directly to 10581, didn't do rollback*, first issue appear when i tried to connect my Lumia 435 to PC, it displays "Your device is charging slowly, use the cable that came with your device". Whereas it not happens when i'm on old build (10536). And the questions, is that a specific bugs that happens only on my Lumia 435, or also happens on all device who using build 10581 and 10586?

    2. Related to first issues *in case my device installed 10581 and 10586*. I cannot set my brighness to "Automatically" adjust. The sensors seems like doesn't work well even i'm on the darkest place. And the profile brightness also error. No changes on it.

    That's all the issues that remains. Anyone can answer?

    I hope you guys are understand for my "bad english"

    Greetings from indonesia :)
    11-21-2015 06:39 AM

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