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    I want to download Windows Phone OS on PC as a image file for install with "Windows Phone Recovery Tool" where no WiFi or 3G internet. Like as iOS file.
    iOS files for all Apple product can download on PC for restore or update with iTunes to Apple product.
    11-22-2015 03:48 AM
  2. mnsiw's Avatar
    There is no official way for it. Windows Phone 8.1 can be downloaded using nvfirm.
    11-22-2015 06:10 AM
  3. rhapdog's Avatar
    The Windows Phone Recovery Tool, when your phone is connected, will search for, find, and download the latest version of the OS for your phone. It will keep it saved for future use until a newer version is available. It will search for a newer version each time, and if no newer version is available, it will use the version that was downloaded the last time instead of downloading it again.

    Been there, done that.

    If you are wanting to manually download a different version, that isn't possible.
    11-22-2015 02:44 PM

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