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    Ever since updating my computer from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10 I have had trouble with the MSN Weather live tile, which has been blank (In Win 8.1 it worked fine). I remember that directly after updating to Win10, only the medium weather live tile was working for about half an hour and then just died.
    The recent update from the stock Windows 10 build to the November update (10586)hasn't changed anything...

    All the other apps' live tiles, except MSN weather's live tile are working. I have also tried installing other weather apps (like Weather Channel, Accuweather, Vieather etc..) and all their live tiles, except Weather Channel's, work fine.

    I have tried all the solutions, that can be found on forums, like trying to resync the store licenses, running the app trouble shooter, trying the sfc/scannow, which hasn't detected any problems with the computer, uninstalling and reinstalling the weather app, unpinning and pinning again, turning live tile off and on again, changing from Fahrenheit to Celsius, restarting the PC etc etc... nothing worked.

    When I open a new user account in my computer, the weather live tile in that account works fine. But not on my original admin account.

    Has anyone figured out a solution or some way to discover the root of the problem? Might there be a way to let's say easily find some potential incompatible app, that could be blocking the weather live tile or something?

    Thank you all for your help,
    11-22-2015 12:00 PM

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