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    Sometimes I am wondering whats the benefit of Windows 10. With update to from Win 8.1 to Win 10 I lost nearly everything what I liked:

    great Lumia Camera - replaced by Microsoft camera, which is pretty bad - slow, captures worse pictures
    Lumia Beamer - gone
    Lumia Storyteller - gone
    No HERE maps - > Microsoft maps are bad app, crap, piece of ****.
    Photosynt - gone
    Microsoft Rooms - gone
    People hub - gone
    extreme batterry drain - on the lastest I am experiencing heavy battery drain - 15% of battery during the night when the phone is idle.

    all those great apps are gone and MS replaced them by ****ty

    Microsoft decided to destroy/ disable everything I liked on WP 8.1. And what we get ? Better calendar, email app, and transparent tiles with image in the background, - everything else is ****ed up. Thats Pretty bad. I am really thinking about leaving Windows Phone and moving to iPhone PRO. Even Satya Nadella doesnt use Lumia but iPhone PRO (iPhone loaded with MS apps).

    I was patient for a long time, but now I am shocked and sick of waiting and waiting and things are going worse and worse. MS cancelling all the apps and features which was holding me on Windows Phone
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    11-28-2015 05:45 AM
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    Sam feelings here.
    11-28-2015 06:06 AM
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    I can tell you the Microsoft camera is better than lumia camera on the 950 XL and captures pictures as gas as the iPhone. Photosynth has been gone from windows 8 for awhile. There really is no good panorama either.

    My brief time with the 950 XL is that Windows 10 is improved from Windows 8. I think the beamer app is supposed to be replaced by screen mirroring.

    My problem with the XL was that it doesn't support visual voicemail. Both AT&T AND MICROSOFT customer support told me it does not.

    I did return the phone though. I think $700 is to much to be a beta tester. I keep thinking of those original Lumia 900 commercials saying ask other phones were beta testing. Then like a month later, that phone was obsolete because it couldn't upgrade to Windows 8.

    I'm stuck in mostly the same boat as you. I like the Windows OS the best, but I'm getting worn out by lack of carrier support and third party app support.

    I'm strongly considering shifting to Android or Apple. I'm also considering switching from AT&T to Cricket--I think that move would save me around $300/yr even buying unlocked phones. Right now I'm sticking with the 640 I bought. One thing I can say is even though things like Hey Cortana and Hello are awesome...i don't know they are worth an extra $600.
    11-28-2015 06:23 AM

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