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    So I've got an interesting issue, wondering if you guys have seen this.

    Got an email account thats running on postfix with Imap.
    The W10M mail app doesn't let you specify alternative ports or TLS specifically. I was able to get smtp to work by saying use SSL and apparently it does fall over to TLS and i used the colon format (smtp.company.com:587) to get it to send.

    So I can get it to work, but it seems like randomly it just pops up "your <company> mail account settings are out of date". Then I have to go enter my password in again and then it reconnects.

    Yes Postfix is annoying, but the issue really is that this never happened when using iOS, and doesn't happen with Outlook on the desktop. Anyone else seen this?
    11-30-2015 06:08 PM

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