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    Hey guys so I have this weird issue with my bose headset. When I connect my bose headset to my pc it installs all the drivers perfectly fine. I checked out the audio on youtube and everything is A-okay. No microphone is activated. But when I disconnect my headphones and reconnect my headphones to my pc's bluetooth it has this "hands-free audio" going on...it sounds like I can hear both the video(in low quality) as well my microphone and it's really really annoying to listen to. Like I can hear myself breath, type or tap anything. Any sound I make is recorded by my microphone and is also included in the audio. Also the sound quality is really poor from any video, compared to when I first paired it before reconnecting. I try disconnecting my headset's microphone and it still has the "hands-free audio" where I hear the video and my microphone...how do i fix this? It's really annoying.

    My headphone has these two options
    If you go to Devices and Printers > Right Click the Headset > Control > Supported Audio Services

    -Hands-free headset with Microphone
    -Stereo Headphones

    So it looks like it supports both stereo and handsfree audio..The thing is, it looks like only my handsfree is installed onto my device list. This never happened before until I had to reinstall my bluetooth driver on the lenovo website.

    Any ideas? I'm at a total loss here...

    I have a Lenovo Y-70T with Windows 10
    12-06-2015 12:49 PM

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