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    I just hit a wrong key on this little ASUS and lost the details of this question that I spent the last ten minutes typing.

    To reprise: I am a 63 year old female retired attorney with little computer savvy who now writes spec fic stories.

    .I have a Dell Inspiron. I was very happy with Windows 7 Professional. I stupidly installed Windows 10, and have had problems ever since.

    This time, Windows told me my security was not on. I clicked on my free AVG, and it told me it needed to be reactivated. I double-clicked, and it told me it had to restart to finish installation.

    I clicked on the restart, and got the error message above. Then I got an endless recyle of restarts, until I finally tried the "advanced" button.

    That led to a "troubleshoot" suggesting I "reset this PC".

    Is there another way? The only reason I have not gone back to Windows 7 Professional is because when I tried, Microsoft warned that I could lose files during the reset. I am terrified of losing my Word files.

    Most of my Word files are not backed up on another device (my elder son in grad school keeps promising to put them in the "cloud").

    So is there another way I can fix this problem? Or need I spend money to get an IT person to take out my Dell hard drive and copy it before I try this "reset"?

    12-09-2015 09:11 AM

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