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    So, to start with the beginning, I wanna admit that Windows 10 got me really hyped about it , and i enjoyed using it on my 2 desktop PC's and also on my laptop. But the problems started when the so called "version 1511" update entered my system... it really messed up all my PC's ... :

    1. The 2 desktop PC's lost the entire connection to the internet. It simply didn't wanna connect back to it. The router was sending data to the PC but vice versa not. I tried all what i could i find on the internet, from reinstalling the drivers, up to resetting the router, none of them worked ....

    2. All my desktop icons disappeared (the ones from the taskbar haven't but the one that were on the main screen did). From the MyComputer icon up to some Word files. I also tried every possible thing that i found on the internet ...

    These would be some of the problems, that i still couldn't find a result for. There were others like it didn't wanna run my programs, or it lost all of sudden it's license, but i solved those. For me at least the update "1511" it's the worst update i have ever received and now i'm really pissed about it, i'm thinking really serious about going back to Windows 8.1, but i still wanna give it a last chance to the Windows 10 to prove that is as good as Microsoft says. If someone could help me , i would appreciate it a lot :3 .


    P.S. : English is not my native language so if i made any mistakes , i'm sorry , my apologies
    12-10-2015 11:34 AM

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