1. Ranjith Udaykumar's Avatar
    My Watsapp data is taking about 1.5gb of internal memory. Can I connect to my laptop and delete unwanted files & conversations?
    12-11-2015 01:17 AM
  2. dKp1977's Avatar
    You don't necessarily need to connect your device to your computer. You can use any of the file managers from the Windows Phone Store. Whatsapp media (images & videos) is stored in /pictures/Whatsapp. In WM10 that folder contains another subfolder which is holding all voice media.
    I'm not entirely sure how it's managed in WP8.1. At least I don't remember the exact location of the folder. Could be just like in WM10 a subfolder of pictures, or directly in the root area of the phone's memory or SD card (depending on where you installed the app).
    12-11-2015 02:50 AM

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